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Me dreaming about my three favourite video games by Kuroe-Arisu
Me dreaming about my three favourite video games
That's the first draw I post here. I used Art Academy to make it.
I'm called Kuroe-Arisu here, but my true nickname is Akai (because I love red :3 - Akai = Red in japanese). could I say it? That's me and that's not me. That's a girl I created and who's living inside me, in my mind, that's the girl who represents me in this giant world that's called Internet and in video games.

Link (I drew the Twilight Princess's one)
Zelda (Skyward Sword version)
Midna (the best female character in the Legend of Zelda for me *^*)
Alice (from Alice Madness Returns/American McGee's Alice)
And finally, the mercenaries from Team Fortress 2. It's more than a simple war video games, these characters are so amazing, I made a top for them ^^ :
1.Medic (I want him to be my doctor xD)
2.Scout (He'd be awesome as a big brother :3 - yes, I know that's a virtual character xD)
3.Sniper (He's a very nice guy :D)
4.Spy (Really elegant and he's french, as I am ^^)
5.Heavy (I think this "giant man" is really cute, I saw him acting as a child, and the way he says "Sandvich" is really cute too xDDD)
6.Pyro (Same. Pyro can be very cute too. I hope I'll never know if it's a man or a woman, he/she's mysterious like this)
7.Engineer (He looks very nice, and I love building centry, dispenser or teleporter with him xD)
8.Demoman (The drunk Demoman is one of the funniest, but...I don't really know what I could say about him xD)
9.Soldier (I never said that I didn't like him, but in some videos he can get on my nerves (a bit): I feel like he was laways the leader xD "I am the one whose you have to obey, right?!" Maybe you disagree, but that's what I think xD But despite all this I like him)


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I'm an otaku, I love the video game, especially "The Legend of Zelda" (My favorite characters are Linebeck, Byrne and Chancellor Cole, and Midna too ^^), and "Alice Madness Returns" (The Carpenter is a character that I looooove ! He's good physically, and he's funny and adorable : he saved Alice ! And his english voice is sooooo good (o^_^o). I love Medic (TF2) so much too!!! I'm pretty good at drawing (no, I'm not a show-off ! :O), I love to draw Linebeck, Chancellor Cole, Byrne (the legend of Zelda), Diaval (Mleficent), Beladonis, Happiny, Pikachu (Pokemon) and...........Carpenter, of Alice Madness Returns (yeah !), and I Chibi version. And my profile photo is not my drawing, of course :p And I'm french, so I don't speak english very good xD
I discorved Alice Madness Returns two three years ago, and I...I think this game, with Zelda, is very important for me. His musics, his...characters (Alice and Carpenter...I love so much this guy, I want to write his "name" in different langage : in french = Charpentier, in german = Zimmermann, in spanish = Carpintero, in japonese = Daiku-san) I love different characters, but I think Carpenter and Alice Liddell are the bests ! *^* And the Medic, Medic forever... *q*
But more than anyone...Cedric the Sorcerer, from Sofia the First!

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Kuroe-Arisu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014  Hobbyist
Love Alice x Carpenter *^*
MurdocNisGod666 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Student General Artist
That's ok! They're my favorite pairing. :) Thank you so much that made my day!
Kuroe-Arisu Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist
Oh, yes, I love them too !La love 
Sweeneyjeffcarpenter Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just have to say that I think ur awesome in a sense of you still like Alice/Carpenter
I discovered the game a year ago so I was late to fandom:( 
but wateves ive written a few dan fics drawn a few pics;) and am sooooo happy that new people still care abot that pairing
Kuroe-Arisu Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist
There are lot of people liking this pairing (I'm happy too)! Physically and mentally they're great and I love them! I keep on searching other fanfics about them (I discovered a lemon too xD), and I like yours ^^
MurdocNisGod666 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you!
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